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The ACE Group was developed to help improve patient safety by producing evidence-based, peer reviewed guidelines for the management of a wide variety of complications that can be caused by non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and to provide help and advice for practitioners that run into difficulties. As well as this, the ACE Group provides a forum for practitioners, educational modules, workshops, an Expert network, journal articles and lectures at various conferences.

Complication Guidelines:
Informative leaflets for patients:
Guidance on prescribing medicines

Need a refresher on the current thinking and guidelines on prescribing medicines?

The General Dental Council have produced a helpful one-page overview of the core concepts and rules.

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In regards to the interesting topic of Human Serum Albumin...

Manufacturers of medicines like Botulinum need to follow the European Guidelines (GMP assured) on plasma-derived medicinal products, which are aligned with the international guidelines/requirements made by the World Health Organisation.

All these crucial documents on quality and safety can be found on the WHO website.

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